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The Ivy Marlow Garden: Cocktails and Nibbles

We were delighted to be invited over to The Ivy Marlow Garden recently for cocktails and nibbles.

Located in the heart of Marlow, The Ivy Marlow Garden offers a relaxed atmosphere, wonderful flavours for your tastebuds, and attentive staff.

Starting the evening with some drinks, before delving into our nibbles, we chose a variation of non-alcoholic and alcoholic. The Ivy’s own Ginger Beer was so refreshing, almost like a lemonade you’d like to drink on a hot summer’s day. The Ivy Sling and Ivy’s Special G&T both offered fresh flavours with fruity and sweet complements.

No matter what your dietary requirements are there is something for everyone. From fresh bread with butter (also offered with olive oil and vinegar) to salted almonds and arrinchini balls, they all go perfectly with a selection of drinks. The zucchini fries are great to share with friends as the portion size is very generous. Our unanimous vote for our favourite nibble went to the olives which The Ivy Marlow Garden flavour with chilli, coriander and lemon; delicious!

After asking our server for a recommendation we sampled the Pomme Épiceé, meaning apple spice; it didn’t disappoint, with complements of a bitter spiced taste mixing with apple it’s a real hit with us. I don’t know about you, but we always have an espresso martini when having sophisticated drinks and the fact The Ivy Marlow Garden offer theirs with salted caramel made our decision a whole lot easier. A subtle alcohol taste, with a smooth coffee flavour and sweetness from the caramel, make for a great combination.

Not to worry if you’re the designated driver, the Vanilla Shakerato is non-alcoholic and similar to the espresso martini, we loved it!

We will definitely be back!

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