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As the vegan trend continues to grow, I’m finding and reviewing the best vegan food Bucks has to offer

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When I’m looking at a vegan menu, what I’m praying for is something different than a simple salad or the usual falafel and hummus combination. Whilst I like both of those options, it’s nice to be offered something I’ve never had before and The Pomeroy, a gastropub situated between Little Chalfont and Amersham, wholeheartedly delivers on that front.

The pub itself is lovely; a rustic aesthetic that really makes it feel like an old-fashioned country pub. It’s warm and inviting, and ideal for this time of the year for a pleasant meal out. With a whole dedicated vegan menu, it was genuinely difficult to decide between so many great options. Despite how good the spiced coconut curry and the roasted butternut squash and sweet potato tart sounded, in the end I opted for the roasted aubergine, spinach and harissa burger. I also ordered a side of tender stem broccoli with walnuts and chili on a whim.

I was out with my family on this occasion, so we shared some bread with oil and balsamic vinegar (all vegan if you avoid the butter) and some olives to get our appetites going. Luckily, we didn’t have to wait long; service was quick and our waiter, Michael, was speedy and attentive in making sure we got fed. The burger was crunchy and flavoursome with a very welcome bit of spice, complimented well by the sweet tomato relish it came with. The bun was also very tasty, perfectly toasted to a tantalisingly crispy, but not hard, point. However, for me the star of the show was the broccoli. The combination of the sweet broccoli with the fieriness of the chili and the crunchiness of the walnuts was delicious, a real 10/10 dish. It’s a must-have if you eat here.

What’s even better about this vegan menu is that it offers dessert options. I opted for a chocolate tart, and this also delivered. The base was soft and chewy, which I much prefer to a base cooked to a crisp, and the chocolate filling on the inside was rich and creamy. It also came with a dash of chocolate sauce and a few strawberries and blueberries to add a bit of colour.

Overall, this was a really lovely meal in a lovely pub. At around £25 per head it’s not overly expensive, especially considering this was effectively a 3-course-meal, and the staff were extremely polite and friendly. It’s the perfect kind of place for a warm, hearty meal after a walk out in the cold. Highly recommended.

The Pomeroy Pub & Restaurant
131 White Lion Road
Little Chalfont

01494 766845
Facebook: The Pomeroy Inn

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