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Not your usual post office…

Usually going to the post office isn’t something isn’t something we particularly enjoy. Probably something to do with the long queues, expensive postage and regular complications. But don’t let that put you off going to the Old Post Office in Great Missenden.

You may struggle to post a letter or return another ASOS package, but you will be able to get a hot cup of coffee, a range of meals and homemade cakes. For the Old Post Office is home to The Stamp, an independent café.

Last Sunday I headed over for lunch with a friend. Walking in, we were struck by the cheerful décor, but, eager for food as always, our eyes were immediately drawn to the menu painted on the wall. Feeling rather hungry, I ordered a chicken and mushroom quesadilla and my friend had a spicy chicken flatbread.

The food arrived quickly and was served by friendly staff. It looked so appetising that we couldn’t resist tucking in as soon as it was on the table. The varying textures of my quesadilla, from the crispy outer wrap to the warm melted cheese and tender chicken, complemented each other well. The mushrooms added an extra taste without overpowering the other flavours, creating a well-rounded dish.

Despite clearly enjoying my own meal, I have to admit I was still slightly envious of my friend’s. A very generous portion, it looked very inviting and I’ll certainly be ordering one next time I visit.

Once we had satisfied our cravings, we were able to take in the café’s atmosphere. On first impressions it appears quite small, but there’s extra seating out the back, so it can accommodate a busy lunchtime rush.

It’s also kept some features of the old post office and boasts a painting of Great Missenden on one wall, perhaps demonstrating its commitment to preserving the village’s heritage.

The walls are warm and brightly coloured, with local artwork adding some interest. If this isn’t enough to keep you entertained, The Stamp has also partnered with a handloom company, offering customers the chance to admire and buy a range of handcrafted items.

I’ve long been a great fan of a lazy Sunday and the Stamp is the perfect place to pass the hours with a large slice of cake, a good book or a friend to chat to. An added bonus is that it’s also dog friendly, meaning there’s a high chance you’ll get to pet some lovely four-legged friends too.

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