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The Tails of Buzz the Rescue Dog

When local GP manager Paula Martin adopted her dog, Buzz in 2018 from Stokenchurch Dog Rescue, she couldn’t have known he’d become the star of a book she had authored describing his day-to-day life from his perspective. But, two years on since the cheeky Shih Tzu/ Bichon Frise cross joined the Martin household, Buzz is now a Facebook fan favourite and Paula is a self-published author.

hiya bucks caught up with Paula who told us “He’s got his own Facebook page called ‘Adventures of Buzz the Rescue Dog’, and he blogs about his day – with some poetic license from me!” Paula explains in between her busy shifts at the GP Practice.

However, ownership of Buzz hasn’t always been the easiest thing for Paula to manage. “We weren’t prepared for quite how reactive he was,” she reflects. “In week one, we went through 3 or 4 harnesses – the pet shop loved us!

“Every time he went out he barked from the minute we went out until the minute he got home. He seemed to have a phobia about everything. He’d get spooked by people walking behind him, cars going past, and he hated cyclists. He became notorious around Bedgrove!”

Fortunately, with lots of love from Paula, a little help from some training classes, and some companionship from Buzz’s adopted sister Zoe, a thirteen-year-old Yorkipoo, Buzz has become a much more confident, loving dog.

“We’ve kept in touch with Stokenchurch all along, and whenever we take him up there they say ‘wow, he’s a different dog, he’s come on such a long way,’” Paula says. In fact it was Debby, the manager at Stokenchurch, who suggested Paula turn Buzz’s ‘tails’ into a whole book.

“We were up at the Stokenchurch summer fete and Debby who knows Buzz, said ‘you should write a book. I read his little daily blogs and they make me chuckle every day’.

“I said ‘oh no, I couldn’t write a book’. Then when lockdown hit, I started to put pen to paper and it all just seemed to come together. I thought it would be a little project, get a few copies printed and give them to family and friends.”

“People that know Buzz who have bought the book always say ‘it sounds like Buzz talking to us!’” But, with Buzz’s loyal Facebook following getting in on the act, demand for his stories exceeded Paula’s biggest ambitions.

“In the end, I got 100 copies printed and my sister managed to sell 112 in that first weekend! So we got a second lot of 50 printed. We’ve sold them now and we’ve ordered a third lot of books.

“I’ve self-funded the whole project and it’s cost me about £1000 to get the books printed, library registration, ISBN, an eBook conversion.” Of course, with Stokenchurch at the centre of Buzz’s story, Paula has made sure she’s given something back to them, too.

 “We normally do an annual fundraising thing for Stokenchurch, so we’re giving a pound from every book to them.

“It’s raising money for a good cause and Buzz is lapping up the attention!”

To order a copy of ‘The Tails of Buzz the Rescue Dog’ email Paula on, send her a message via his Facebook page, Adventures of Buzz the Rescue Dog, or download the Kindle eBook.


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