Peter Kara, the newly sworn in High Sheriff of Buckinghamshire, chose local Chiltern Open Air Museum as one of the first places to visit in his new role.

The High Sheriff and Dolores were the first to meet one of the Museum’s new born lambs, under the watchful eye of Museum Chair of Trustees’ Verena Clark, who helped to bring some of the lambs into the world. Verena’s favourite is Wonky Tail who was born around two weeks ago and is already a strapping healthy lamb doing very well alongside his mum and older brother.

Museum Director Sue Shave said ‘I was delighted to welcome the Shrieval party to share the successes and achievements in our historic building collections and landscapes and to celebrate the pride of Buckinghamshire with the Sheriff of the county! Peter and Dolores absolutely loved the Museum’s collections and landscapes, which brought back many childhood memories of their rural upbringing.’