Bucks Community: Home Library Service

Are you, or is someone you know, housebound through poor health or mobility? Do you love reading and miss going to the library? The Home Library Service, part of Buckinghamshire Libraries, is co-ordinated by Roberta Wixon, a previous manager at Great Missenden library.

Curiosity Killed the Craving: Quit smoking without the fuss

Having smoked for over 40 years, I had tried all sorts of methods of quitting. But no matter what I tried, the cravings would always return to haunt me. All attempts to overcome cravings failed until I discovered a simple technique that helped me get the better of them.

David Walliams Questions and Answers

What, or who, inspired Awful Auntie? It may not be the answer you were expecting but I am obsessed with the film ‘The Shining’. I wanted to create a horror story where a child was trapped in a house with a dangerous relative, cut off from the outside world.

Gut Health & Probiotics

Written by one of the UK's leading nutrition experts who regularly contributes to BBC Radio and The Guardian, as well as encouraging healthy lifestyles by associating her recipes with campaigns for Cancer Research UK among many other leading brands and causes.


The main German bomber at the start of the invasion of the Soviet Union. Used to carry air-launched V-1s. A unique collection of photographs of the type, many of which have never been published before.

How to Help a Hedgehog and Protect a Polar Bear

In this beautifully illustrated book, children (and adults!) can learn about twelve different habitats – gardens, hedgerows, heathlands, woodlands, highlands, wetlands, the coastline, freshwater, seas and oceans, savannahs, jungles and mountains – and how we can all help to protect them in fun, creative and practical ways.

Julie Summers - Our Uninvited Guests

We finish our Spring programme with the welcome return on Saturday 19th May (8pm) of Julie Summers who will present Our Uninvited Guests (Tickets £5). In this talk based on her new book, Our Uninvited Guests, Julie Summers offers a behind-the-scenes glimpse of life in some of Britain's greatest country houses...

Junkers Ju 88 – The Early Years, Blitzkrieg to the Blitz By Chris Goss

Having retired from the RAF with the rank of Wing Commander, Chris Goss is a regular contributor to major aviation publications around the world. Junkers Ju 88 is Chris’ 15th book about the air war between 1939 and 1945.

Knights of the Battle of Britain: Luftwaffe Aircrew Awarded the Knight's Cross in 1940

Marlow author Chris Goss has had his book, Knights of the Battle of Britain: Luftwaffe Aircrew Awarded the Knight's Cross in 1940, published by Frontline Books.

London’s East End - A Guide for Family and Local Historians

The East End is one of the most famous parts of London and it has had its own distinctive identity since the district was of poverty and deprivation, for strong political and social movements, and for the extraordinary mix of immigrants who have shaped its history. Jonathan Oates’s handbook is the ideal guide to its complex, rich and varied story and it is an essential source for anyone who wants visit the area.

Marlow Author Celebrates Debut Novel

Marlow resident Susanna Beard is celebrating the launch of her first novel, Dare to Remember - a psychological thriller, on Wednesday 1st February.

Poet, Propagandist, Prisoner - Take a new look at John Milton

Did you know that Milton – best known for his epic poem Paradise Lost – was also the unofficial spin-doctor for England’s only republican government? Appointed Cromwell’s Secretary for Foreign Tongues in 1649, his official role was as translator for the revolutionary new regime.

Strong Tea Three Sugars

Last year we reviewed John’s two autobiographical memoirs, You Did WHAT? and Table for One, Sir? Now, the Chesham-based author has taken his writing career in a new direction with his latest work of fiction, Strong Tea, Three Sugars.

Sweatpants at Tiffanie's

Pernille Hughes is a RomCom author and mum, whose writing has been printed in The Sunday Times, the fabulous SUNLOUNGER summer anthologies and now in her debut novel SWEATPANTS AT TIFFANIE'S...

The Day Pinot Pepper Turned Blue by Julia Roberts

Pinot Pepper is a cat, happy with the routines of his life. Each day he knows will be filled with love from his human, fun with his friends, and of course food, which is only ever a paw’s reach away. One morning Pinot awakes to find something has changed. Something very odd indeed has happened to Pinot!

The Headhunter by Jerry Gray, a.k.a. EJ

Unsure what career path to follow Jerry Gray decided to drive overland to Australia in a camper-van. Unfortunately, the van was written off in a field after a party, so Jerry set off on foot with a back- pack. He reached India before falling ill, terminally, as far as the trip was concerned.

Trevor Wrenn's Novel - Artor

Here at Hiya Bucks we are huge supporters of local Authors.  Bucks Author Trevor Wrenn's novel Artor is published on 31st May 2016. 

Wendover’s Michael Senior released new WW1 book

To coincide with the Centenary of the Armistice, Pen and Sword have published new book from Wendover’s very own Michael Senior, who has had a life-long interest