Pinot Pepper is a cat, happy with the routines of his life. Each day he knows will be filled with love from his human, fun with his friends, and of course food, which is only ever a paw’s reach away. One morning Pinot awakes to find something has changed. Something very odd indeed has happened to Pinot!

Julia Roberts lives in Buckinghamshire with her now famous cat called Pinot, his sister Greedy Grigio, and her husband Quentin. The Pinot Pepper stories are light-hearted and fun. Each story carries a sensible message or discussion point for its young readers.

Julia’s aim through her books is to help encourage the discussion of topics and feelings that may be either new, confusing or sometimes even a little frightening for young minds. Having suffered with anxiety since childhood, Julia has first-hand experience of how coping with such feelings can sometimes seem overwhelming, especially as a child. She wants to help children feel they can talk about how they are feeling without fear or embarrassment.

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