How to Help a Hedgehog and Protect a Polar Bear

Discover all the little things you can do to make a BIG difference

Written by CBeebies presenter Jess French

Illustrated by Angela Keoghan

2nd August 2018 | £12.99 | Age 4+

 Saving the planet might sound like an impossible job, but it’s not too late for you to make a change.

In this beautifully illustrated book, children (and adults!) can learn about twelve different habitats – gardens, hedgerows, heathlands, woodlands, highlands, wetlands, the coastline, freshwater, seas and oceans, savannahs, jungles and mountains – and how we can all help to protect them in fun, creative and practical ways. From creating hedgehog tunnels in your own back garden, to switching off lights to help protect the polar bears in the Arctic, this book will help you make a real difference to our world.

Jess French is a zoologist, naturalist, entomologist, author and qualified vet. She is also the presenter of Minibeast Adventure with Jess on the CBeebies channel. She is a passionate conservationist on a mission to make all kids love their planet and fight to save it.

Angela Keoghan is a former photographer turned illustrator from New Zealand. She spent much of her childhood surrounded by animals in the rural pastures of the Waikato. Angela lives in the countryside with her husband and business partner, Jayden, and their dog ‘Mr Woods’.

How to Help a Hedgehog and Protect a Polar Bear is the perfect guide for children who want to help make the world a better place.

Includes beautifully illustrated pages for each habitat, teaching you about the animals that live there and the dangers threatening their homes as well as more detailed fact files, and an extensive number of simple ways everyone can help save the environment.