Knights of the Battle of Britain: Luftwaffe Aircrew Awarded the Knight's Cross in 1940

Marlow author Chris Goss has had his book, Knights of the Battle of Britain: Luftwaffe Aircrew Awarded the Knight’s Cross in 1940, published by Frontline Books.

“When Frontline Books asked me if I would do this book, my first thought was “There were not that many awarded in 1940!”.  It therefore came as a great surprise to me that in addition to the well known fighter pilots who had been awarded the Ritterkreuz, many more were awarded, the first being to a bomber pilot in April 1940, the last to a maritime bomber pilot in December 1940.  When I asked fellow researchers how many, the instant answer was generally “30 or so”  when in reality it was 121 Ritterkreuz with three Eichenlaub.

Author Chris Goss told us “This book does not seek to glorify war or to try and justify what Germany, led by Adolf Hitler, was doing in 1940. Instead it aims to set the record straight, especially as we approach the 80th anniversary of the Battle of Britain by recording for the first time in one book those operational Luftwaffe aircrew who were either wearing, were awarded during or were awarded the Ritterkreuz after the Battle for their efforts during the Battle of Britain”


  • The first comprehensive list of all the Luftwaffe personnel awarded the Knight’s Cross in 1940
  • Covers the Battle of Britain period
  • Almost all of the individual biographies are supported by a photograph of the recipient
  • Includes famous Battle of Britain pilots such as Werner Mölders, Wilhelm Balthasar, Adolf Galland, Rolf Pingel, Helmut Wick and Franz von Werra


About the Author

Having retired from the RAF with the rank of Wing Commander, CHRIS GOSS is a regular and highly respected contributor to major aviation publications in the UK, France and Germany, as well the author of more than twenty-eight critically-acclaimed books covering the air war between 1939 and 1945. Chris completed an MA with Merit in War Studies in 2001.


RRP: £19.99

ISBN: 9781526726513 240 PAGES