Here at Hiya Bucks we are huge supporters of local Authors.  Bucks Author Trevor Wrenn’s novel Artor is published on 31st May 2016. 

Details of how to purchase this book are below.

Far in the future, human life has been augmented with clones, machines and “robotoids”. At CENTRAL INC., Mr Himan is plotting a dramatic experiment: to make the legend of King Arthur real, by allowing a superhuman robot to escape into the past.

When the robotoid ART0R1US arrives in Anglo-Saxon England as an adolescent boy, he quickly makes an impression with his incredible fighting powers and absence of fear. As Artoris, or Artor as he becomes known, grows into a man, he begins to alter the past and threatens to upset the time-space continuum. Mr Himan realises his mistake and sends scientist Mr Lin to retrieve him, accompanied by LanCilotech and a fighting machine, Murdred, unknowingly designed to kill Artor.

Will Artor continue to threaten the future by altering it, or will Murdred fulfil his own destiny by killing Artor and turning him into a legend?

About the Author

Trevor Wrenn worked in the film business starting at Beaconsfield Studios, as a camera assistant, then Pinewood, Shepperton Studios, MGM, Disney, Warner Brothers and on and on. At some point he found the making of TV commercials was more profitable and much less stressful that feature films so he switched and ended up with his own commercials company where he was a Director Cameraman. A combination of age and falling off a ladder provoked his retirement which led to him returning to education. Trevor studied creative writing at Ewert House College of Further Education, in Summertown, Oxford.

He took a course called ‘Starting the Novel’ which he thought a good idea after a year of creative writing. A world war two story set in Germany, lots of tank battles and a love story holding it together which was self-published as ‘and they sowed Dragon’s Teeth’.  With the bit between his teeth he proceeded to write which is where he is right now.

The book can be purchased on Amazon or on the Austin Macauley website     It can also be ordered in store at Waterstones and WHSmith.

The release date is Tuesday 31st May.

Hiya Bucks wish Trevor every success with this new novel.