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Tips from Rush on how to exercise at home

Benefits of Home workouts on a Trampoline

Self-Isolation doesn’t have to mean Zero exercise, in fact quite the opposite! We should now have more time to exercise, albeit from the comfort of your own home!! If you’re fit and well, grab the kids and get outside! Why not dust off the kids trampolines or pull off the cover & get down to some seriously fun bouncing!

Why trampoline fitness is good for us:

  • Less Impact on Joints when landing; according to research, soft platform eliminates over 80% of impact versus exercising on a hard floor
  • Classed as Low impact exercise as the limbs are not exposed to any contact with a Hard surface
  • Increases Muscle strength; tones and conditions the body
  • Increases Oxygen circulation to the tissues
  • Improves Balance, encourages constant engagement of Core muscles
  • Stimulates the lymphatic system to effectively aid drainage of toxins from the cells in the body
  • Flight through jumping helps to release endorphins and stimulates Metabolism
  • Short sessions of regular bouncing exercise can help with Weight-loss in just a few weeks! 10 Minutes on a trampoline = the same output as a 30-minute jog on a treadmill

Jo Edwards, Director of Fitness @Rush UK Trampoline Parks shares some of her favourite exercise moves on a trampoline

  • High Reach jumps
  • Tuck Jumps
  • Star Jumps
  • Seated Drops to standing
  • Jogs on the spot
  • Sideways Skater Jumps
  • Heals to Butt kick jumps (heals come behind)
  • Trampoline Burpees
  • Stand up & sit downs (challenge is not to use your hands on the way up!)
  • Pyke Jumps (legs come forwards and tap the shins/toes)

For a low impact workout, do 5 lots of each of the above exercise, take a break for 2 minutes (or swap over with another family member or friend so they can do their round) Complete this routine 3 times with a 2 minute gap in between… your heart will still be racing!

For a High Impact workout complete the above routine with 12 lots of each of the above routine, take a 1 minute break and then repeat up to 5 rounds with a 1 minute break in between each set.

Cool down is amazing, one of the best parts! Lie down on the trampoline and let the soft surface cradle your back, close your eyes & Rest, then give the other participants a big High Five!

Tips to remember when bouncing:

  • Be mindful of others on the trampoline whilst doing the exercises, limit the numbers bouncing for safety, the other members can wait and switch over, maybe make it in to a competition!
  • Have a good stretch before you bounce
  • Make sure you drink plenty of water
  • The kids will be so excited that you are bouncing with them, great family bonding
  • Ensure you land with soft knees
  • Start with lower jumps and as you gain more confidence, you can then go higher

Jo Edwards is hosting live fitness classes across the Rush social accounts you can follow them on Instagram here and Facebook here

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