Goodbye (feat. Harry Cairns) – Second Single from Tobi Stubbs

Tobi’s second single ‘Goodbye’ (feat. Harry Cairns) has now been released!
You can listen on Spotify, or watch on YouTube video:

With uncertainty still plaguing our daily lives, a reminder of our common unity is much needed. Gerrards Cross-based Tobi Stubbs recognised this after overhearing an arguing couple. Thus, the idea for We’re Both On The Same Team was born. The rocky atmospheric track lyrically reassures a struggling relationship.

Having been part of Buckinghamshire rock duo 12 Hour Avenue for a few years, this is Tobi’s first solo single.  Originally his goal was just to write and record a rock song, Tobi told hiya bucks. He wasn’t planning on releasing it, but after finishing the song and speaking to some friends he decided to go for it.

He met the other half of what would become 12 Hour Avenue while working at the Everyman cinema in Gerrards Cross. The pair started jamming together, which led to them forming a band and releasing their own music. Tobi was keen to stress that this is still his “main priority” musically, but current restrictions have made rehearsing and performing together very difficult. Therefore, Tobi decided to start making music on his own as well.

He has a wide range of influences in his music, from Led Zeppelin to Royal Blood and Tame Impala. Music has become a greater part of his life over the years and listening to so much music has led to him having more influences and ideas in his own tracks.

Previous releases from his band have attracted attention as far away as in Spain, America and Iceland, which “really is mad.” With streaming platforms like Spotify, it is possible for artists’ music to be appreciated all around the world, so Tobi is looking forward to the reception his song receives.

And to celebrate? He’ll probably just have a beer and relax. There aren’t many other options at the moment and releasing the song remains a personal goal above all else. Once it’s out there, “the further it goes the better,” Tobi concluded.

You can listen to the song here:

Alternatively, you can search for We’re Both On The Same Team or Tobi Stubbs on all major streaming platforms.

We’re Both On The Same Team was released on Friday 2nd October.