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Tour in a Box

by Mark Ellis

Tonight there was a very pleasant surprise addition to my home cooked curry – a box arrived, but not just any box, ‘Tour in a Box’ from Malt the Brewery; another novel idea for lockdown or Tier 2, or maybe Tier 3 or, of course, at any time.

As we sat down to dinner we grabbed the laptop and, using the instructions supplied, logged into our very own tasting and tour of Malt the Brewery in Prestwood. Neat idea – I’d never get the wife to join me or understand the finer points of what makes a good beer, so this concept is already a winner with me.

In our box we had 4 different beers to taste, beer mats, a bottle opener, crisps and water to clear the palate (please excuse us having a curry with this one!) and some packets of hops and malts used in each beer. You just supply the glasses, gather a few mates (or the wife) and take your own 20 minute tour. We started with the tasting of their 4 beers:

Summer Daze – 4% caramel in colour and flavour – a sure winner with the women folk and that summer BBQ

Missenden Pale Ale – 3.6% known as the perfect pub pint light and classic

Starry Nights – 4% full and fruity easy drinker and great with food (or my curry)

Voyager – 5% the Export IPA but really smooth and easy

Our virtual tasting then turned into a tour of the brewery with a quiz (can’t believe the wife won that one) but some very interesting facts came to light. You get to understand the science behind the brew and taste the hops and malts (from your own little packets) all at your own pace without having to leave the kitchen table.

So that was not a bad way to spend 30 minutes of our evening – feeling a lot more relaxed and more enlightened into my favourite brew and one I’ll definitely be visiting again with my money off coupon in hand. 

Well done to Malt the Brewery – that Tour in a Box is a winner and would make a great birthday or Valentine’s present (hint hint).

Tour in a Box is priced at £40 and is suitable for up to four people

Malt the Brewery Ltd

Collings Hanger Farm, Wycombe Road, Prestwood HP16 0HW

01494 865063

07801 679709


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