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Transitioning to Secondary School

Moving from primary to secondary school is one of those life-changing milestones that we tend to remember for the rest of our lives.

Memories of endings and beginnings tightly bound with strong emotions; the nervous excitement that big changes bring, the fears of unknown territory, and the sadness and nostalgia of leaving the comfort of familiar and often treasured places and people.

For this cohort of Year 6 students the transition will be even more marked, there are even more unknowns and for many children, many more big feelings to navigate.

This is exactly why local Children’s Emotional Well-being Coach, Jenni Honeyben, created her free four part ‘Transitioning to Secondary School’ video series.

“From the work I do I am acutely aware of just how complex navigating the thoughts and feelings that accompany the transition to secondary school can be for children. During these unprecedented times, providing children with evidence based emotional well-being tools and support can make a significant difference to their confidence and ability to cope well with change.”

Each video offers easily digestible and age appropriate psycho-education, to help support your child’s understanding of their feelings and experiences, as well as being packed with practical tips, tools and coping strategies, to empower your child and help them to feel more confident and in control.

The videos cover:
  • How to identify and deal with worries and anxiety, and why our brains use worries to try and help us during times of change.
  • How to build a sense of feeling safe, when the waves of overwhelm and uncertainty hit.
  • How we can boost our confidence by explicitly identifying our support networks.
  • Why it is important to look after our minds and bodies even more carefully during this time and how we could go about that.

For more videos and information to help you support your child with their mental-health and well-being visit Jenni’s Instagram (@jennihoneyben), Facebook or YouTube pages (link below).

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