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Va Va Vegan

Va Va Vegan, a true vegan paradise on Old Amersham High Street, has been going strong for 8 months now, and it’s no secret as to why.

Offering up everything from sandwiches and salads to coffee, tea and cakes, this fully plant-based café is adding some much-needed ‘free-from’ options to Amersham.

Whether you’re a busy commuter on your way to work, or an Amersham resident looking for somewhere new for a lunch date, Va Va Vegan has you covered. Between owners Dave and Paul (the latter also taking the mantle of head chef) Va Va Vegan has an exciting and varied menu of breakfast and lunch options that will delight and surprise. There are the classic choices, like the Vegan Sausage Sandwich, a Buddha Bowl with different ingredients every day, and Smashed Avocado on Toast (what vegan café would be complete without?!) but there are also some really exciting and different dishes, including a Sweet Potato and Chickpea Tagine, a Yellow Thai Curry and even a Vegetable Lasagne complete with vegan cheese.

Outside of full meals, Va Va Vegan also offers a variety of alternative, plant-based milks for everything from cappuccino to latte, including soy, almond, cashew and even pea. And as for cakes, the selection couldn’t be any greater – I can personally recommend the vegan Millionaire Shortbread, but there are plenty of other great choices, including a few low-sugar, healthy options too. And, if you really like what you try, Dave and Paul are always happy to have a conversation about doing bespoke cakes for events.
If you’re following a vegan diet or perhaps have allergies to eggs or dairy, then Va Va Vegan is absolutely unmissable. But if you’ve always wanted to try some vegan dishes, or you’re even a bit vegan-sceptic, why not give something new a try? You couldn’t hope for a better introduction to what’s on offer.

Va Va Vegan can also offer a delivery service to your home or office – visit the website to see menus or make an enquiry.

Va Va Vegan
12 The Broadway,

Tuesday – Friday 8am – 5pm
Sunday 10am – 4pm

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