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Welcome wildlife into your garden with the Wild Marlow Gardens Campaign

We know at this time is it near on impossible to purchase new things for your gardens but some of these tips and hints might be possible with what you have already.

Wild Marlow, a group of enthusiasts passionate about wildlife, has launched a major new campaign to encourage residents in and around the town to welcome wildlife into their gardens.

With the campaign, Wild Marlow will award gold, silver and bronze award certificates to those who satisfy three different levels of criteria. Categories include garden management, wildlife food features, wildlife shelter features and garden water features like ponds and water butts. All Wild Marlow members awarded a gold certificate will be eligible to purchase a special Wild Marlow blue heart to display in their garden or wildlife area.

Away from domestic gardens, Wild Marlow hopes to be able to offer larger Wild Marlow blue hearts for display in recognition of wildlife friendly environments and practices in other open spaces such as parks, road verges, churchyards, school grounds and commercial properties. If you are part of a group or organisation that would like to be involved in this project, please do get in touch or come to our evening event to find out more.

The Wild Marlow Gardens Campaign supports the national BLUE campaign, which has been running since 2014, promoting the rewilding of gardens and other open spaces across the UK.

A detailed guidance sheet for the domestic garden campaign is available now on

For further information and to join Wild Marlow:


About Wild Marlow

Wild Marlow is a group of enthusiasts passionate about wildlife and protecting biodiversity in the Marlow area, engaging the local community through events, competitions, volunteering and work parties to raise awareness of the importance of a balanced ecosystem.

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