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Patti Rayner Holistic Facial

We have facials to cleanse and nourish our skin, to feel pampered, to be beautified, to relax and to take time out of our hectic days.

I was looking forward to my Saturday morning facial with Patti. Not just an ordinary facial, but an extraordinary facial. A facial to beat all others in my mind.

Patti Rayner has facial qualifications coming out of her ears, including a cosmetology degree! She knows everything there is to know about facials and it put me at ease immediately. Her specialism is facials and this is the only treatment she offers.

Firstly, decisions had to be made. Which fragrance of essential oil would I like Patti to use? How much pressure should Patti use on my face, a gentle approach or a little stronger? And how many blankets would I like to keep me super cosy? I liked this question. I feel the cold, when I’m not having a hot flush, so it was an extra blanket for me.

Then the 90 minute facial began. To start with, a gentle cleanse, followed by a face mask and whilst that was doing its magic a gentle shoulder and neck massage.

The second technique was facial reflexology. Now I have never heard of this before. I knew about reflexology of the feet, but I’d never heard of it on the face before. Patti explained that you can also have hand reflexology too and all 3 types offer the same results.

I’m not someone who falls asleep during a facial. Don’t get me wrong I relax, but I never fall asleep. As soon as the reflexology began I was out for the count. I didn’t even realise I was falling asleep. Gone I was, in a deep sleep. I was even dreaming! I profusely apologised to Patti on awakening for my probable dribbling/snoring/weird sleep related facial expressions, but she just gave me the biggest smile and said “that is the biggest compliment I can ever have. When my client falls into such a deep sleep I know I am doing my job properly”.

Consequently, I missed most of the reflexology but I’m glad I didn’t miss the next bit. This was the facial massage. Patti explained to me afterwards that her hands are like the delicate wings of a hummingbird, flapping gently, but oh so fast. The feeling was quite extraordinary. It felt so good and it made me feel quite emotional. I’ve never had that technique, or feeling, with a facial before.

Patti then moved onto the facial cupping. Now this isn’t the same sort of cupping that celebrities have which leaves them heavily bruised. This is a technique that aids the removal of all the bad things such as puffiness and toxins and can help with anti-ageing and sinus issues. It wasn’t painful, there was no heat involved (as per the other cupping), and no bruising occurred, it was just rather nice.

My face felt quite warm at this stage due to all the attention it was getting. The next technique was using jade and then quartz crystals. They are naturally very cold, but they felt so refreshing on my warm face. I really dislike anything cold touching me, but these were very welcome.

And there we have it. A Patti Rayner holistic facial, using only natural ingredients. I would, without doubt, recommend this facial to anyone. Labelled as an anti-ageing facial, the techniques used here can work wonders for all ages.

I asked Patti if the reflexology had shown any issues with my health and she responded with three that I knew about, so it does work!

I left feeling incredibly relaxed and that feeling stayed with me for a few hours.

Thank you, Patti, it really was an extraordinary facial.

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