Disclosure Policy

hiya bucks is our business, our source of income, and sometimes we engage in paid partnerships with brands and businesses as an influencer. Payment means any form of monetary payment; commission; a free loan of a product/ service; a free product/service (whether requested or received out of the blue); or any other incentive.

Our views and reviews are always our own and are honest and trustworthy. We only work with businesses that are of genuine interest to us and, we believe, our audience.

We will always mark paid partnerships clearly and indicate the nature of the collaboration in line with the Advertising Standards Authority’s (ASA) guidelines.

AD – We have been paid by a brand, business or agency to create content on our website and social channels. Money has been exchanged and there is a written brief. The business has some creative control over the content that is posted.
AD – Food/Drink or Product. We have been given food/drink or a product free of charge, or with a discount, in exchange for posting a review on our website and social channels.
AD – Press Event. We have been invited to attend a press event courtesy of a brand, business or agency that we will talk about on our website and social channels.
AD – Affiliate link. An affiliate link will earn us a small commission if you purchase tickets through this hyperlink.
AD – Competition. We have been offered a complimentary competition prize for our audience. No money has exchanged hands and we have not profited from this competition. We have been requested to talk about this competition prize on our website and social channels.